Ian Oakley


Some haptics/research related links:

Some HCI and mobile related conferences/journals:

  • ACM CHI (or, more generally, SIGCHI): The biggest (well someone's got to be) HCI conference.
  • ACM UIST: Another ACM conference, focusing more exclusively on technology
  • ACM Ubicomp: computers.... everywhere....
  • ACM CSCW: ACM conference covering collaborative systems
  • Mobile HCI: HCI on mobile devices
  • Interact: bi-yearly HCI conference
  • Pervasive: computers.... everywhere....
  • TOCHI: the largest HCI related journal from the ACM.

A list of SCI-E (ISI Web of Knowledge listed) HCI journals, complete with impact factors and URLS can be found here: www.whereveriam.org/work/journals.html.

Some haptics/VR conferences:

  • The Haptics Symposium: an etablished American haptics conference.
  • EuroHaptics: the most significant European haptics conference.
  • WorldHaptics: they join together every two years to produce a world event
  • IEEE VR: the Haptics Symposium is usually held in conjunction with IEEE VR

Some digital arts conference:

General links on narrative and locative media:

  • Valentina Nisi: her website which covers her locative work
  • Re:: online magazine for locative media
  • dStory: digital storytelling conference
  • StoryCenter: centre for digital storytelling
  • Autostart: a digital Literature festival
  • StoryTron: a system for building interactive narratives
  • Facade: an interactive narative game

Some programming related links:

Some general nonsense:

Some travel links

  • CIBT: comprehensive visa information (and expedition service) for a bunch of nationalities (including UK). From the look of the site, may one day become a pay service.
  • World Nomads: buy travel insurance easily cheaply and independant of where you currently are
  • Zuji: a good online travel agent with branches all over asia (and including Oz)
  • TourExpress: the online travel agent I use in Korea (in Korean).
  • Opodo: online travel agent in many different European countries

Handy Budget airlines

  • MartinAir: Dutch, with some cheap-ish flights across the atlantic, including some carribean options.
  • Tiger Airways: Singapore, cheap deals round SE Asia, including a stretch down to Darwin
  • Air Asia:KL, another good one for SE Asia, apparantly the market leader in the region.

About Korea:
These are some links from where I used to work (in summer/autumn 05).

Some links on the city of Gwangju Links from my time in Daejeon (2006-2007): Some general links on Korea